ZBrush4R6 Released

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We wanted to make sure that everyone knew the newest version of ZBrush has been released. This is known as ZBrush4R6 and is a free upgrade for all of those that already own a copy of ZBrush. All you need to do is visit your ZBrush4R5 folder and run the ZUpgrader application to update to ZBrush4R6.

For those of you that have already updated to ZBrush4R6 make sure you are running ZBrush4R6 Service Pack 2. You will know this by launching ZBrush and looking in the top left corner, it should say ZBrush4R6 P2 if you are running ZBrush4R6. If you are not all you have to do is run the ZUpgrader application in the ZBrush4R6 folder.

There have been some really great additions to already exsisting features but the big add is the new automatic remesher called ZRemesher. This remesher does a great job of following the sculptural flow and makes the DynaMesh to ZRemesher workflow work for just about anything.

Check more information out HERE

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