James Haggerty creates incredible STAR WARS themed mosaics

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  • May 19, 2014
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James Haggerty creates  incredible STAR WARS themed mosaics out of  thousands of staples.

New York-based painter and printmaker  James Haggerty creates crazy STAR WARS themed mosaics out of staples. Tens of thousands of staples. The amount of detail in his series of Star Wars characters is insane!

The patience involved to create these works is staggering.

His Darth Vader portrait, “The Side” alone, was created using 10,496 multi-colored staples on a painted board.

The 40 year old artist merges tens of thousands of small metal pieces together to form the faces of Darth Vader (10,496 staples), Greedo (21,458 staples), and C-3PO (33,580 staples). With meticulous patience and an organized plan, Haggerty punches each staple into a painted board averaging about 40 x 32″ in size. He relies on the dark background to fill in some of the negative spaces to form the mouth of C-3PO or Darth Vader’s helmet, while the metallic materials form the highlights and shine that add detailed depth to each portrait.

Each character takes over six months to complete which is why the school teacher said if he were to sell them he would charge about $10,000 for each — which is a modest price considering the time and patience required for their creation.


James Haggerty’s “The Side”


Check out Greedo and C3P0 below, with shots in the gallery of what all those staples look like up close.


James Haggerty’s “Greedo”


James Haggerty’s “C3PO”

Artist James Haggerty

Via: http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/james-haggerty-star-wars-staple-mosaics

James Haggerty Gallery:


Website: Jameshaggerty.net


Article by Brian Wade

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