Zbrush Central just updated the way they handle their forums.

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  • March 18, 2014
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It’s ZbrushCentral.com’s unique way to approach forums – one that is truly focused on the art. Uploading images to the Main Forum is done the same way as always. But after the art has been posted, the real magic begins.

You will see more and will be able to get to images with fewer mouse clicks. You will also find new ways to keep track of the images that you post as well as exciting methods to interact with the rest of the community – and with the world!



Here is a short, video tour of ZBSee’s features hosted by Pixologic’s Ernest Lee, a co-developer of the New forum browsing technology, along with Monica Engel and Farit Nabulian.

They have done an amazing job with this and the new forum browsing experience is intuitive and thoroughly enjoyable.

The best way to learn is to explore it and discover its features for yourself. But for a brief written  overview, check out the link.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new development in the ZBrush world! Happy ZBrushing.

Article by Brian Wade

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