TEN 24 is currently offering 3D scans ready to go!

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  • July 09, 2013
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With just a few mouse clicks and these beauties are yours. What are you waiting for?

The Ten 24 3D Scan Store out of the Uk hosts a number of high-resolution scans of people and faces ready for you to use for your very next project!

They offer male and female full figures in a variety of poses and various states of  (un)dress and faces in either gender with several faces available and some noteworthy expressions also to mimic various Phonemes if you find that useful too.


With their face scans they offer the following.

We are pleased to offer you a selection of 3D face scans captured using our multi camera AGIsoft photogrammetry rig. Each model is UV mapped and textured using a 4k texture map.

They offer full body scans, face scans, 3D models,tutorials, reference, and custom scanning.

One stop shopping at its best!


These are raw Scanned data. Captured using their Artec body scanner in approximately 2 minutes. The body scans do not represent an animation ready model but serves as great reference for sculpting wrinkles, folds and over all anatomical proportions.

Of course you can start from scratch with your own digital sculpt as that might be more creative, but if your in a hurry and your project has a tight deadline these might serve as a timely alternative to add to the work pipeline.

They would also serve well for artists starting out as great anatomy reference, and a perfect solution to study the way clothing drapes naturally.


Sculpting cloth and wrinkles is always a tricky and time consuming process to learn. These full body 3D scans should really help, we are trying out best to capture as much clothing reference as we possible can everything from t-shirts to heavy woollen jackets. 

They are kind enough to offer them as both private and commercial licensed scans.

However you may find them useful, these scans are of the highest quality and the offerings are updated regularly and include a range of body styles which is a plus.


Compatible software

  •  Zbrush
  •  Mudbox
  •  Maya
  •  3D Studio Max
  •  Modo
  •  Blender 3D
  •  Lightwave 3D
  •  Softimage

They also have some free samples, which are also cool. Yes please!



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