Festival Dragon

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  • July 23, 2013
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Ptolemy Elrington’s creatures speak for themselves—they are stunning assemblies, intricately detailed.  But Ptolemy’s choice of materials is equally remarkable.  His dragons and dragonflies, fish and fowl  are, for the most  part, made from hubcaps!  “All the hubcaps,” he states, “are found, usually on the side of the road, and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions. I believe these marks add texture and history to the creatures they decorate, and so choose not to fill, overpaint or alter them in any way.”


Recently, Ptolemy has expanded his choice of materials.  Still working with recycled media, he has added water and milk bottles to his pallet in order to build the Ecover Bee for the Glastonbury Flower Show.

You’ll find the making of the bee Ptolemy’s Hubcap Creature’s Facebook Page:

[Home page]


By Katherine Dewey

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