Beasts of the Mechanical Wild

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  • July 27, 2013
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Make no mistake, Pierre Matter’s work is not Steam Punk.  Despite the cogs and gears, pistons and pumps, these are not the mechanized beasts of a mythical, steam driven era.  Integrated circuits, fluted  cables and wire networks offer proof that Pierre is focused on the future, yet deeply rooted in the now.  These are cautionary creatures, the work of a man profoundly concerned about the extravagances of our time.  Admittedly influenced by the worlds of Giger, Jodorowsky, Jules Verne, and TinTin, Pierre Matter draws inspiration from the “conflict between science and nature that could destroy the biosphere, or perhaps save it.”

Pierre’s beasts urge us to question our materialism, technology, and wastefulness.  Yet, the  beauty of his work is often tempered with gentleness and hope.  Pegasus, girded and strapped to the wall, shows no fear, only the strength and will to escape his bonds.  The Rhino, one of the last of his kind, seems possessed of that same strength and will.  You hope he will endure.  Clearly, the cyber wrought mother of Mère et fils loves her son.

Pierre Matter [link]

By Katherine Dewey

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